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    Lt. Gen (R) Nazar Hussain,
    HI(M), T Bt
    Message from The Chief Executive

     You are welcome to take admission in Cadet College Kallar Kahar. It is one of the leading colleges in Pakistan with outstanding performance in academics. Location is most beautiful, healthy, with height of about 3000 feet, spread over 150 acres. The environment is most loving, caring, happy and exciting, under the personal supervision of Lt General Nazar Hussain, the Chief Executive and Founding Father. Centrally located, only 15 minutes drive from Toll Plaza at Kallar Kahar. Modern and State of the Art Campus; completely residential institution with over 550 boys. Special emphasis on character building, leadership traits and extra curricular activities.

    • Best of the food facilities; the mess is organized on lines of the messes at Service Academies. The Cadet Mess Committee runs the mess and prepares the menu. Food is pure and nutritious.
    • Provide fresh and pure milk from the College Dairy Farm, a specialty of Cadet College Kallar Kahar
    • Highly trained and dedicated faculty members, outstanding results in Board Exams every year.
    • The College has best of facilities including laboratories, auditorium and language labs etc.
    • Provides best of the Cadets and a large number of them, to the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul every year. Our boys are second to none
    • Plenty of playing fields and exercise areas. Our boys who join the PMA Kakul are admired for the smartness and physical prowess.
    • Best of the Riding School with ten horses, Swimming Pool, Basketball and Football stadiums.
    • Pick and drop facilities on week-ends and holidays to main cities.
    • The Kaharian Girls Cadet College (KGCC) is co-located. Your daughter and son can be at the same location. Girls College is a place of enjoyment and happiness.
    • KGCC was set up in August 2015 on the Pattern of a Cadet College. It is also completely residential institution with best of academics, sports and modern hostel facilities. The girls love Riding and Swimming. Board results are outstanding.
    • You know dear parents, your child spends more time in commuting to school than in the Class. Daily travelling hazardous, fatigue, pollution and energy sapping.
    • Hostel peaceful environment, safe and enjoyable. Safe from media ills.

    • Remember: Environmental conditions provide a stimulus to a person cognitive and emotional growth.

College Alumni

Alumni of this College can be found in a good number in Military Academies and Reputed Universities of Pakistan.

To become a part of this extended community, Cadets have to abide by certian Rules during their academic span in the college.

Cadets are NOT permitted to keep the following in the Hostel :-
a. Transistor, video games and electric appliances, personal computer, wireless, radio. T.V set, walkman, mobile telephone etc.
b. Unauthorized medicines/drugs.
c. Money and valuables, other than pocket money (Rupees 100 per month).
d. Weapons of any kind. 
e. Cigarettes, narcotics in any form. 
f. Matches, burners, heaters etc. 
g. Undesirable printed material. 
h. Explosive/combustible material.
i. Musical instruments.
Cadets guilty of any of the following offences are liable to be withdrawn from the College without any warning/notice :-
a. Cheating, lying, stealing, gambling and immoral conduct.
b. Willfully and deliberately damaging the College property.
c. Keeping fire-arms or knives of large size, etc.
d. Breaking bounds. 
e. Rudeness to the staff and the seniors.
f. Rude behavior of the cadet's parents towards staff.
g. Absenting from the class and any other College activities without proper reason.
h. Being habitually unpunctual, untidy and slovenly.
j. Smoking, use of narcotics in any form.
k. Consistently giving a poor performance in academics.
l Use of unfair means in tests/examinations.
m. Guilty of any act of ill discipline/misconduct.

Available Downloads


Admission Forms:

Class XI Boys - Download

Class XI Girls - Download

Class VII Boys- Download

Class VIII & IX Girls- Download


Previous Entry Test Papers - VII(Boys):

        English + Urdu + Math : Download (2019)

Previous Entry Test Papers - VIII (Boys):

        English : Download (2023)    |    Download (2022)

         Mathematics : Download (2023)    |    Download (2022)

         Urdu/Islamiat : Download (2023)    |    Download (2022)


Previous Entry Test Papers - VIII (Girls):

        English : Download

        Mathematics : Download

        Urdu/Islamiat : Download

Previous Entry Test Papers - XI:

        English : Download    |    Download (2022)    |    Download (2023)

        Mathematics : Download    |    Download (2022)    |    Download (2023)

        Urdu/Islamiat : Download    |    Download (2022)    |    Download (2023)

        Biology : Download    |    Download (2022)    |    Download (2023)

Why CCKK ?

What is so special about

1.       Cadet College Kallar Kahar is a fulfillment of a ‘dream’ of its Chief Executive (CE); and was set up as a mission.  So we work with missionary zeal.

2.       The students of the College are a ‘Trust’, an ‘Amanat’.  Led by the CE, the staff at the College considers it sacred duty to give highest priority to the needs of students.  There is no harassment or bullying.  The College is a home, away from home.

3.       At the College, there is no punishment; the environment is most caring and loving.  Each cadet has a direct access to the CE who permanently resides at the Campus.

4.       The boys are very fortunate to be in the care of the ‘Founding Father’.  He has unbounded love for the cadets and has dedicated his life for the College.

5.       The cadet mess is organized on lines of the messes at Services Academies, say PMA Kakul.  The cadet ‘mess committee’ runs the mess and prepares the menu.  Food is pure and nutritious.  You can call it organic food.

6.       The College has best of facilities including laboratories, auditorium, language lab, riding school and a beautiful swimming pool located adjacent to lake at Kallar Kahar.

7.       Plenty of playing fields and exercise area.  Our boys who join the PMA Kakul are admired for the smartness and physical prowess.

8.       College location is healthy, altitude is about 3000 feet and free of pollution.  With its central location, is easily accessible.  Kallar Kahar exit on motorway (M-2) is only at 15 minutes drive.

9.       Lastly, but most importantly, our academic results have been outstanding all along and comparable to any leading college.  The results can be seen on the web.

10.      If you decide to admit your son at CCKK, you would have made the best choice for him.


Mr. Tahir Mehmood

Staff Officer to the Chief Executive/Admissions/Office Incharge

Cell No : +92-300-5176150


Mr. Mazhar Hussain

Admin Officer

Cell No : +92-334-8732664

Mr. Zia Ud Din Zia


Cell No : +92-332-5473101

Mr. Kamran Hussain Awan

IT Incharge

Cell No : +92-333-1947057

Syed Imran Haider Shah

College Superintendent - CCKK

Cell No : +92-333-2001214


Mr. Rafaqat Ali Khan

College Superintendent - KGCC

Cell No : +92-345-5343815

Postal Address:

Cadet College Kallar Kahar, Chakwal-Khushab Road Kallar Kahar , District Chakwal


Certified that all educational activities at Cadet College Kallar Kahar take place in English language. All class lectures, written examinations and all other extracurricular activities are conducted in English.

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